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Latest tile designs trends in year 2020

Recently world renowned tile trade fair CERSAIE 2019, Bologna Fair concluded at Italy and it has set a tone of tile design trend for the year 2020.

Classics material designs like weighty marble, stone and wood are renewed. Large format tiles granting a bigger presence to the materials, making spaces look larger than they really are. New weighty marble and stones, luxurious metal, dark iridescence and the high definition digital printing creates a dramatic interior, considers a new language of luxury.

Contemporary graphic and geometric designs complemented by bold floral designs, breaking the strict functionality of the floor tiles, turning surfaces in true works of art.

Porcelain tile materials inspired in nature such as marble, stone, wood, and fabric have been updated into the most forefront styles.  Porcelain floor and wall tiles attained a touch of elegance and sophistication.  The large formats tile close to luxurious marble virtually reach excellence to replace natural material and it suits to any kind of decor; from the most minimalist to the most exotic.   

Wood designs are evergreen style.  Designing with this material means creating new geometries which in turn means wider creativity. 

Inclination for vibrant colors to design very creative spaces and to add a touch of distinctiveness to every space.


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